Friday, August 31, 2012

Are We There Yet? Closing Time

Today we closed closed on our new home.  The closing itself was a little rough with our cranky and contentious children.  (Actually, a couple of them were little angels trying their best to help with the younger ones, but the younger ones caused enough trouble for them all.)  It felt like we were engaging in a signature race.  And the sellers totally won.  We kept doing annoying, time consuming things like reading what we were signing and double checking the details.  We're pesky like that.

But fussy children notwithstanding, the closing was a success and we walked away a whole lot poorer but with some house keys jingling in our pockets.  We are homeless no longer.  What a beautiful feeling.
We are so very nearly there.


Mom said...

Congrats on successfully closing on your beautiful new home!

Natasha said...

oh this looks so beautiful. I hope you have a spare room. that you don't mind an auntie living in for long stretches of time :)