Friday, August 31, 2012

Are We There Yet? Ancient History


Today, I took the day off.
Well, sort of.  I still had to take care of B.  But I didn't leave the hotel for most of the day.  Shaggy needed to enjoy the same liberating feeling of sightseeing sans a toddler whirlwind.  So I volunteered to stay back, do a little laundry, play with some pictures, and give B a proper nap.  I can't remember the last time she had one of those.
So my day was fairly boring, but in a rejuvinating kind of way. There's not much I can write about the adventures of Shaggy and the eldest four kiddos. But I can share some photos. I insisted that they take my beloved camera with them to the natural history museum. From what I see and hear, K took the picture taking job pretty seriously.
I think they were pretty impressed with that place.
When they got back, we all jumped in the van to go on a cupcake quest.  Because today was B's actual birthday.  The big TWO.  We had to do something special.  I think she liked her cupcake, though she mostly just ate the frosting and then fed me the cake.  Love this girlie!
Tomorrow is a big day.  There's a lot riding on it.  It really needs to go smoothly, because if it doesn't then we're never going to get there.

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Mom said...

Happy real birthday to little B! And K did an awesome job as substitute photographer for the day.