Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Perfect Halloween

There are a lot of things about Halloween that I'm not so crazy about.  Making it ok to take candy from strangers just this once.  Scary images.  Sugar highs.  Fighting about who got more of which kind of candy.  Carnivals.  Sugar withdrawl.  Whining.   My kids being too old for me to do away with a majority of their candy after they go to bed.  Neighborhood pumpkin smashers.  Not getting enough mini chocolate bars.

But the things I love about this season make up for all of that.  The costumes.  The chance to teach my kids a lesson about manners.  Pumpkins.  Nice scarecrows.  Watching little kids try to walk--or see, in the costumes they have on.  Apple picking.  Corn mazes.  Straw, lots of straw.  Cooler weather.  Watching the kids negotiate candy trades.  Fall colors.  Candy corn.

If  I could plan the perfect Halloween celebration, it would have to be held on a farm.  A farm with pumpkins and straw bales.  And a corn maze--a BIG corn maze.  The kids would all dress up.  Adults, too if they're brave enough.  The costume contest would give prizes to everyone for something.  There would be pumpkin carving and bobbing for apples.  Friendly scarecrows would be scattered about.  The tables would be covered with gingham table cloths and everyone would bring their favorite dish to share.  There would be hay rides and bonfires.  Nary a light up skull, grim reaper or bloodied sword would be seen.  The kids would be free to roam about and play whatever games filled their heads.  And when the night was over, everyone would leave with buckets full of warm memories rather than candy.

Sigh . . .   But since that day is not likely to come anytime soon, we have to content ourselves with only some bits and pieces of the perfect Halloween.


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