Saturday, October 31, 2009

Too Good for Drugs

This week it was red ribbon week at shool where the kids get to have a crazy hair day, a super hero day, a pajama day, etc. and are indoctrinated with all sorts of anti-drug slogans and reasoning.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  The classes all participated in a contest to decorate their doors with an anti-drug theme.  This is what S's class came up with. 

Needless to say this door won first place.  It probably helped that the judging was done the day before Halloween. 

The class also got to put a picture of their face on one of the superheroes on the banner.  S THOUGHT she chose Wonder Woman.  Not a bad choice.  Wonder Woman would never do drugs.  But upon closer inspection of the said banner, we discovered that she actually put her face on Elektra.  Elektra is not such a clear cut choice when it comes to role models.  According to my trusty super hero postage stamps, Elektra is "driven by tragedy & versed in the ancient ways of the ninja.  The femme fatale . . . kills for hire, loves for thrills, and brings destruction to all who are foolish enough to cross her path."  Hmmmm . . . . NOT a very fitting description of S, as anybody who knows her would attest.

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