Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Follow Up

Today, J brought a page home from school where he had colored some orange pumpkins.  Underneath he had written, "MY PUmPKin IS errNJ."  I really do love the phonics based alphabet system.  It encourages a level of creativity that is sadly lacking in other spelling  programs.

His pumpkin has remained a constant companion, but I'm becoming a little concerned over it's fate.  J asked me if pumpkins die if they get poked too much.  He was holding a pointed stick in very close proximity to his beloved pumpkin. 

Later, he pleadingly asked if we could carve his pumpkin today. 

Later still, he wanted to know if he could throw it off the playhouse porch.  Once halloween was over last year, a certain adult male role model who shall remain nameless, allowed him to toss our leftover pumpkins from Sliver Hut.  An activity most likely inspired by the band, Smashing Pumpkins.

So it seems that this relationship is destined to be very brief with a high probability of violence.  And whenever it ends, it will most certainly be gut-wrenching.

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