Friday, October 16, 2009

Rainy Day

We had the first rain storm of the season the other day.  Loved it.  Here's J & R looking at worms.

R explores the front yard.
J being chivalrous.

Nice umbrella for J.  Complete with bright pink, rainbows and care bears.  But that story is for a different post.

Flatbread pizzas in Sliver Hut (our backyard playhouse) while the rain was pelting down.  J didn't like the way the trees looked in the dark with their branches blowing in the wild wind.  R didn't like the loud sound of the rain on the tarp roof.  S didn't like the fact that her pizza wasn't quite crispy enough.  K didn't like how crowded the playhouse was.  But other than that,  it was a fun little adventure.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Daughter,
I love your blog. I hadn't read it for a while and it always makes me laugh. Just the day-to-day events are so funny but a big part of the humour is because you are a really good writer. I'm looking forward to photos of Susan, Lucy, Aslan and the White Witch.

Thanks for advancing me to the status of "Super Hero!" I may have been tired at the end of each day but you know how much I love K, S, J and R so I enjoyed it.

Give my love to Shaggy and all the little ones.
Love you,